Travel to Peru

Peru, yesterday and today so culturally intertwined. Where centuries past and present day are softly blurred. Where seasons, not seconds mark the passage of time. Peru, an enriched historic culture of proud peoples and traditions. Spectacular varied scenePeru adventurery, preserved beauty and mysterious places. The Andes of Peru, amazingly stunning with refreshing simplicity. Still home to millions of highland Indians who still speak the native tongue of Quechua and practice the times of 10,000 years past. The colonial preservation of Conquistador legacy that truly never conquered but melded and blended a greater beauty, now known as Peru…the ultimate fascination of South America travel tours.

Peru is an environmental masterpiece of diversity, arid coastal deserts, farming oasis, quaint fishing villages and the Amazon basin. The tall Andean Sierras where the mystery and intrigue of the ancient Inca Empire still lies. Machu Picchu ruins, laying quietly undiscovered beneath dense foliage for thousands of years until somewhat recently discovered in 1911.

If you want to visit wonders of Peru like Machu Picchu, Nasca and more; you will check these special destination tours.

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2 Responses to Travel to Peru

  1. Mariana says:

    My visit to Peru was superb despite climatic complications could get all the wonder of his past, coming to Lima, I met the colonial and modern Lima, excellent tour, then I had an adventure in Machu Picchu and other surrounding area, and finally the jungle richest in the world in the Peruvian Amazon.

    No doubt an amazing experience but even with a tourist company excellent, if you want to travel to Peru, I recommend youPeru Tourism and its package tour Machu Picchu & Rainforest .. you pass the link …

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